Matt Gittleson


Michael Aug 17, 2016
Matthew has been great for my son, Michael! He has learned a lot in a short period of time!

Curtis W. Sep 17, 2015
Very knowledgeable and patient. My son has learned a lot in a short amount of time.
Highly recommend!

Tim Y. Jul 28, 2015
I had my first lesson with Matthew and it exceeded my expectations! Matthew was professional yet really down to earth and he made me feel comfortable from the get go. I look forward to taking my drumming to the next level with Matthew as my teacher.
Ronald C. Mar 4, 2015
Awesome teacher! I am a self-taught drummer and he showed me exactly what I needed to do to improve myself.

Matt is AWESOME. He has been a great musical role model for me since day one. The knowledge that Matt has passed down to me has completely reallocated my purpose as a musician and challenged me to question my role as a drummer in an ensemble situation. What insight! I have absolutely no doubt that I will be prepared to confidently attend college university music ensembles in the next couple of months, because of Matt's mentorship and how it has inspired me (and of course, taught me how) to achieve my best. Matt has exposed me to styles of music I didn't even know existed. His talent is beyond the capacity of any other teacher I've had, and my family and I respect him very much. Very personable, easy-going, and intelligent. Thank you Matt, for everything. :)

Erik H. Sep 30, 2014
Matthew has been great with our son! A perfect balance between keeping our 6-year old interested but also teaching the essentials. Other teachers just didn't "get it" when teaching a young, active boy. We are very pleased with Matt's approach, and after only 3 lessons and some practice, I am already able to jam with my son on some simple rock n roll tunes.

Bharathy T. Jul 19, 2014
My son had just 3 Drum lessons with Matt and he was very encouraging while teaching him the Drum rudiments. Vikram made progress in leaps and bounds considering it was such a short time and we thank Matt for his easy going approach. He was always on time and great with communicating ahead of time if there were any changes. I wish him the very best.

Greg C. Jun 11, 2014
Matt is a true professional!

Matt teaches my 10 year old on drums and has done an amazing job. He has instilled the basics and foundation of drumming while still holding the interest of my son. At the same time he is developing his ear and teaching him how to play and adapt to different styles of music.

I highly recommend Matt for all ages of drumming kids and adults alike.

Gerry H. May 13, 2014

To the point...

Matthew is very good at knowing where you should start. Instead of pulling out basic rudiments from the start, Matthew had me play my set first. It was then he got a good understanding where I needed to start.

Matthew is very laid back, allows you to progress at your own speed, and always makes sure you got your lesson(s) before he leaves...

I would recommend Matthew to any drummer wanting professional instruction.

Lori N. Apr 26, 2014

My Grandson has come so far with his Drum Lessons!

My 9 year old Grandson has been taking lessons with Matthew for over a year. This is his very first experience with any drum lessons and because of Matthew's excellent teaching style, he has come so far!

I might add that my Grandson has Down Syndrome but that never stopped Matthew from being the Great Drum Instructor that he is complete with a rather relaxed, easy going but very professional teaching skill.

When my Grandson was at a MLB Game when presented with the spur-of-the-moment opportunity to play drums with some professionals, he had the confidence to just jump right in because of his experience with Matthew's drum lessons.

Thank you Matthew, we appreciate all you have done!

asilisa S. Jun 2, 2013

If You Want Beyond a Great Teacher, Then Go With Matt

I have been taking lessons with Matt for over a year. I can honestly say, if you want drum lessons, then he's your guy! He is professional, personable, highly knowledgeable, patient, explains things very well, and very reliable. I have had 3 guitar teachers, 1 voice teacher, and 1 drum teacher before Matt and out of all those teachers, he was by far the best. There is a big difference between someone who does it for a hobby or just a little extra income and some one who has a passion and Matt has the passion and he really cares about his students. I can be really bad about practicing but he hasn't given up on me and is always encouraging. From my past experiences with teachers, a teacher that believes in you is a very important element in teaching, Matt has that element. If you want the best, I mean really the best you can find, then go with Matt. You will NOT regret it and nor will your child.

Conahey T. Apr 3, 2013

Great teacher for our 8 year old!

Matt has taught our 8 yr old for about 8 months and he has learned so much! Though our son is a bit shy, Matt has been very patient, positive, and makes his lessons fun. He lets him know it's ok to make mistakes too which is very comforting to him. He is now able to play with his older brother who plays guitar. Matt worked with them together to teach them a song for their school variety show and they are so excited! He is friendly, always on time, and very passionate about teaching. He explains things clearly and gives him a few beats to work on before the next lesson. He loves drumming now:) We highly recommend him.

Lisa V. Mar 22, 2013

Best Drum Instructor North County

We couldn't be happier with Matt. He has taken a shy, not-so-confident young boy and turned him into a proud, musically knowledgeable and darn good drummer !!! Matt is extremely patient, positive,reliable, FUN and a skilled drummer to boot. My son states, "Matt explains things clearly" . I would highly recommend him.

Joe P. Mar 20, 2013

Best instructor I've had in years

I've been taking lessons with Matt for about a year now, and within that time my skill on the drum kit has improved tenfold. Matt teaches with a vast number of strategies to help me understand the lesson and improve my technique. He makes learning an instrument entertaining (as it should be) and not a chore or boring task. Matt is friendly, relatable, timely, and the best drum/percussion instructor I've had in California. 10/10 would recommend.